4 Reasons to Avoid Video Content Marketing

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Video content marketing. Old hat, right? Boring, useless, not the slightest bit engaging, and definitely totally without value for your customers. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that you only engage in video content if you want people to notice you. And who wants that, right?  Don’t worry, though. We’re here to save you. Here are the top reasons to avoid video content marketing this year:

Be Aware: Some Important Video Marketing Stats to Understand

Knowledge is power. The more you know about video content marketing, the easier it is to understand why you should avoid it as long as you want to stay unknown, unloved, and unnoticed on the internet. Here are a few critical stats from OptinMonster you can’t afford to miss:
  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year, compared to non-marketers
  • Video marketers see an average of a 54% increase in brand awareness
  • 83% of those using video believe it offers a positive ROI
  • 82% of people think email is a vital part of their marketing strategy
  • 73% of customers have bought a product after watching a branded video
  • 97% of businesses who use explainer videos report that customers like the practice and that it helps clients understand their business better
  • 94% of companies say video is a useful kind of content
  • 81% of companies surveyed saw an increase in sales after implementing video marketing, and 53% said support calls were reduced.
  • 60% of both B2B and B2C marketers use video marketing
  • 30% of B2B marketers say video is essential to their content marketing success.
  • According to Google, almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store
  • 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product or company
  • Hubspot says that 43% of consumers want to see more video content this year

4 Smart Reasons to Avoid Video Marketing This Year

We all love the quiet cloak of anonymity. It’s relaxing there. You don’t have to do anything. Keep your “never heard of them” status intact by avoiding video marketing (and maybe just all forms of content marketing) this year. Here are a few other reasons, to hammer it home:

1. Video Promotes Social Sharing

You’ve heard of social media, sure. Maybe you even have a few profiles you never use. If you add video marketing to your repertoire, though, that all has to change. The reason is simple: video marketing actually encourages people to share your content on social media. Today, 92% of mobile video consumers have the nerve to share videos with other people.  See what this means? If you share a video on social media, there’s a pretty good chance people are going to share it. This means people will start to recognize your brand, engage with your employees, and talk about your offerings. Ick, right?

2. Video Makes Your Customers Trust You

There’s something fun about being the slimy super-villain, right? We all love being anonymous, unknown, unpredictable. It lends a real “bad guy” air to marketing and relieves all the burdensome responsibilities of brand transparency and customer confidence. Add video to the strategy, though, and you can just as soon flush your shifty guy nature down the toilet.  Believe it or not, video actually builds trust and credibility. By allowing your company to showcase its personality and tell its story in a way that customers can interact with and connect to, video marketing streamlines customer decision-making and encourages them to trust your company. And once you start building that foundation of trust - you have to maintain it. Trust us, steer clear at all costs. 

3. Video Marketing Helps you get Noticed in Search Engines

If there’s one take-home argument in this whole thing, it’s that video makes your company more visible, and you don’t want that. Stay invisible; avoid video. Got it? In recent years, as the search engines have begun rewarding valuable, customer-focused content, with “high relevance scores,” video has shot off the charts in terms of popularity. Today, search engines love finding branded videos and presenting it to customers for engagement and relationship-building. Barf, right? If you really want to stay anonymous and avoid having Google index your website at all costs, you definitely should not start posting video content. You also should avoid posting material on YouTube or social platforms, since this will only expand the reach of your company.

4. Video Will Cause Dramatic Spikes in Your Email Marketing Program

If you’re already using email marketing, adding video to the process will inundate you with interested customers. Just wait, though - it gets worse. Merely using the word “Video” in an email subject line can boost your click-through-rate (CTR) - as much as 200%-300% - and decrease unsubscribe rates. Take our word for it - if you want to keep your email marketing lazy, uninspired, and ineffective, don’t dare add video. Customers love it, and taking even a step down this path will cause your company to rake in leads, conversions, and customers that you don’t want. Even worse - adding video to your emails could encourage your existing subscribers to share the emails with their friends, growing your subscriber list even more. 

Keep Your Marketing Stagnant in the Coming Year

You’re in marketing - you’re not out to reinvent the wheel. This year, make sure your company doesn’t grow, excel, or thrive, and that you don’t add any money to your bottom line. By keeping video content out of your marketing strategy entirely, you can ensure ongoing anonymity, a complete lack of customer connection, and very little engagement across the board. It’s precisely the mixture every business wants! Adding video content to your marketing strategy will only do one thing - kick off a chain reaction of successes that will grow your business. By avoiding it entirely, you can also prevent all the troublesome factors that come along with that. Don’t worry - you can thank us later for helping you dodge this bullet. Happy marketing!

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